About The Chef

Chef Raquel Oderbert-Hemphill

I'm from a small town named Daleville, Al. I grew up with the southern style of cooking my entire life. It wasn’t until I hit my teenage years that I got into Creole/Cajun food. Having family from Texas, New Orleans , and Florida, I was bound to infused the two. 

I started my Culinary journey in Miami, Florida where I have become a graduate from Johnson & Wales University with a BS degree in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management. I then continued on with my chef career into the world of Disney where I perfected my craft in fine dining, buffet service, and catering events.

 I specialize in Cajun & Classic Southern Cuisine but I dive into all cultures cuisines that my clients would want.

My love for food and luxury has always been apart of my life so I decide to make it my life works to infused the two together. Not only did I want to cater to the upper class but I also wanted the everyday person who wanted a little luxury service on there vacations or just a special event get an unforgettable dining experience!

 Thus birthing Chef RockieBree Traveling Private & Personal Chef Services.