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Chef Raquel strives to share her Southern Cajun style cuisine and Culinary expertise for any occasion to give even the everyday person an affordable unforgettable luxury experience!

I currently service the areas of FL, AL, GA, TX, New Orleans LA, and Charlotte, NC

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Chef RockieBree LLC : What are your services all about?

Th​e Life of Affordable Luxury

Chef RockieBree is a traveling private/personal chef service that allows you to bring out your food fantasy to life  while adding a little sparkle to your taste buds. I cater weddings, parties , meal prep, private chef contracted family stays, and couples dinners.     Chef RockieBree Llc is a Proudly Black Owned business that strives for excellence services & elegant cuisines. Chef RockieBee LLC, is for everyone who enjoys delicious southern style cuisines with a hint of sparkle. 

I currently services the areas of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, New Orelans LA, Georgia,Texas, and Charlotte, NC. 

The Passion Behind The Luxury

It’s been my dream since I was 15 years old to be a chef. When I graduated college, I started working in the field. I had bad experiences with other chefs stealing my ideas and I always felt undervalued because I was not only a woman but a black woman with an talented skill set at a young age. So I decide in 2016 that I’d go for it and start my private chef services and CRB traveling chef services started to sparkle. Not only did I want to cater to the upper class but I also wanted to make sure I was affordable for the everyday person who wanted a little luxury service on there vacations or just a special event.